Legacy viaVerio and RapidSite partner programs offered by NTT America, Inc. ("NTT America", as a successor to Verio Inc., as the result of Verio Inc. being merged into NTT America on April 1, 2015) ended as of December 31, 2015.

All services will be taken off-line as of March 31, 2016 and you will lose access to these services. As the servers will be decommissioned, there will be no backup available. Please make sure to login to your accounts and take actions before you lose access.

Login to your accounts at Legacy Backroom — http://reseller.securesites.com

We will issue a prorated refund for any prepaid amount that covers the period after the termination date. This prorated refund only applies to hosting services. If you have any questions about billing, please file a ticket with the Customer Portal. Please note that your services are no longer supported due to the termination of the programs and we will only respond to tickets related to billing issue.

MIGRATION TO NEW PLATFORM: If you consented to have your accounts migrated to the new platform managed by Endurance International Group, Inc. ("Endurance"), you will be contacted by Endurance with more information about the migration. We will continue to support and provide services for your account until your accounts have been migrated to the new Endurance platform.

If you have any questions about Endurance or the migration, please don't hesitate to contact Endurance:

The viaVerio/RapidSite Team at NTT America

Policies & Procedures